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The Chart dashboard is now available as a beta version on our web site

It is is a place to organise regularly used charts and diagrams and builds on the functionality of the Your room facility that was available on web site.

How to add a product ( chart or meteogram ) to my Dashboard?

Once you have selected the chart from the catalogue, simply use the drop-down menu on the right hand side of the parameter menu and select "Add to dashboard"

Add a chart to dashboard

How to access my Dashboard?

The Dashboard link is available by hovering on your username in the main menu bar.

How to get my Dashboard organised?

Charts can be arranged as desired to facilitate easy viewing on the same page: just drag and drop it from the grey menu bar at the top of chart. You can then move it around.

Dashboard general view

How can I create and rename tabs?

The charts are arranged in tabs at the top. Tabs can be added, removed and renamed. Currently, each tab has a fixed 3 column layout. To rename a tab, simply click on its label and use the dialogue window.

How can I remove or modify a Chart Widget?

In the dashboard, Charts are contained in "widgets" that can be added, removed and modified.  Hovering over the widget title will display a title bar that can be used to drag and drop the widget to a desired position on the page. Widgets can be moved to different tabs by dragging and dropping them over the tab name that you wish your chart to move to.

Clicking on will bring you back to the chart page.

Clicking on  will delete the widget.


How to access the chart preview?

Larger previews of the product are available by clicking on product thumbnail. This preview page displays the product together with controls such as base time, step and area. Any change made on the preview window is saved back to the widget.