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On this space we collect material for evaluation of severe/extreme weather events. The focus is on the meteorological conditions and the forecast performance. The amount of material differs from case to case, and we are not claiming to give the full picture of the cases here. Users are welcome to contribute with material for the cases by using the comment function in the bottom of each page. To suggest a new case to evaluate, please contact us at the email address given below. If you have any initial comments and material, please include them in the mail.

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(Please note that some of the links on the pages are only accessible from ECMWF.)



201709 -Windgusts - Serbia Romania
On 17 September, 2017 in northern Serbia and western Romania occurred a derecho event, which corresponds to the definition of this phenomenon: wind damage extends for more than 400 kilometers, includes wind gusts of 93 km/h along most of its length, and also includes several, well-separated 121 km/h or greater gusts. There were 8 dead and dozens injured.

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201709 - Tropical Cyclone - Irma
Tropical cyclone Irma hit several countries along its swath in the Caribbean. On 5-6 September TC Irma made its first landfall on some of the Leeward Islands. The first to be hit was Barbuda as a Category 5 cyclone and later on 6 September on St. Barthélemy, Saint Martin/Sint Marteen and Anguilla. All these islands were within the eyewall of the cyclone and wind gusts up to 70 m/s was reported on Barbuda. The cyclone later hit Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands and also affected Puerto Rico and Hispaniola. On 8 September the cyclone hit the Bahamas and made landfall on Cuba 8-9 September, also here as a category 5 cyclone. Finally the cyclone made landfall on the southern tip  of Florida on 10 September

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201709 - Rainfall - Italy
Livorno, Italy, experienced heavy rainfall on Sunday 10th September 2017 resulting in six fatalities; a BBC article giving more details is available here. The rainfall predominantly fell between midnight and 2am on Sunday

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