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Changes for Version 1.12.0

  • grib_to_netcdf: store command-line switches in output netcdf file

  • NetCDF should only be a dependency for grib_to_netcdf

  • Provide implementation for C API call: grib_get_length

  • Update of some grib2 local tables used by obstat

  • grib_index_build should expose the "-N" (do not remove single-value indexes) option that is already implemented

  • Conversion of class="ei", stream=dacl, type=em data from GRIB to NetCDF

  • Parameters for MACC-II Usage

  • Bug fix: grib_dump assertion failure if seconds not zero
  • Bug fix: grib_get_data printing longitudes larger than 360
  • Bug fix: new dimension in grib_to_netcdf files if different types present
  • Bug fix: grib_to_netcdf: The "-I" command-line switch is not processed
  • Bug fix: grib_to_netcdf: Should fail if messages have different level types
  • Bug fix: NetCDF long_name length exceeded
  • Bug fix: Missing GRIB 2 parameters (discipline 3, category 0 and 1)
  • Bug fix: Problem with pooled file cleanup
  • Bug fix: Create GRIB2 parameters for S2S project
  • Bug fix: Exit called from library instead of returning error code
  • Bug fix: swapScanningY=1 truncates latitude first and last points
  • Bug fix: grib_filter hangs if rules_file have wrong path
  • Bug fix: Parameter 211015 does not have a GRIB2 representation
  • Bug fix: Problem identifying "2d" (dewpoint temp)
  • Bug fix: Invalid pkg config name for Fortran 90 library
  • Bug fix: GRIB edition 2 samples have empty local section (section 2)
  • Bug fix: Incorrect definition for parameter 131071 (10 metre Wind gust of at least 20 m/s)
  • Bug fix: Duplicated GRIB2 parameter representations
  • Bug fix: Cygwin: make error in tools directory
  • Bug fix: Parameters "lapse rate" and "Montgomery stream function" have incorrect units
  • Bug fix: GRIB edition 1: Incorrect parameter names/units