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ElementContentsGRIB API keys
1Data representation type (see WMO code table 6) = 4gridType
2Number of points along a parallel. Cannot be used for quasi-regular (reduced) grids.Ni
3Number of points along a meridian (Nj).Nj
4Latitude of the first grid point.latitudeOfFirstGridPointInDegrees*1000
5Longitude of the first grid point.longitudeOfFirstGridPointInDegrees*1000
Resolution flag:
0 Direction increments not given.
128 Direction increments given.
7Latitude of the last grid point.latitudeOfLastGridPointInDegrees*1000
8Longitude of the last grid point.longitudeOfLastGridPointInDegrees*1000
9i direction increment. Cannot be used for quasi-regular (reduced) grids.iDirectionIncrementInDegrees*1000
10Number of parallels between a pole and the Equator,ie the gaussian grid number.numberOfParallelsBetweenAPoleAndTheEquator
11Scanning mode flags (see WMO code table 8)




12Number of vertical coordinate parameters.NV
13Latitude of the southern pole of rotation.latitudeOfSouthernPoleInDegrees*1000
14Longitude of the southern pole of rotation.longitudeOfSouthernPoleInDegrees*1000
15Latitude of the pole of stretching.latitudeOfPoleOfStretchingInDegrees *1000
16Longitude of the pole of stretching.longitudeOfPoleOfStretchingInDegrees *1000
0       Regular grid.
1 Quasi-regular (reduced) grid.
Earth flag:
0 Earth assumed spherical with radius 6367.47 km.
64 Earth assumed oblate spheroidal with size as determined by IAU in 1965:
6378.160km, 6356.775km, f=1/297.0
Components flag.
0 Resolved u and v components of vector quantities relative to easterly
and northerly directions; or not used.
8 Resolved u and v components of vector quantities relative to the
defined grid in the direction of increasing x and y (or i and j)
coordinates respectively.
20-22Reserved. Set to 0. 
23-nnFor a quasi-regular (reduced) grid, NN the number of points along a full parallel (360 degrees) is defined for each latitude row in the area. The number of parallels is given by Nj
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